(the episode starts of Scott playing keyboard, Rich Playing drums and Smitty playing guitar as Dave announces the title when Dave coming holding a box of stuff)

Dave: Hey, guys! Guys! Check it out. I finally did it.

Scott: You figured out how to get a burro to roller skate?

Dave: Even better.

Kiki: What did you make?

Dave: Well, not better than that. But it's still pretty good. I figured out how to high five you guys without missing.

All: (Exited to see what Dave made)

Annie: Can you tell what it is?

Leo: Is it hats?

June: Is it ballet shoes?

Steve: (About to see) What is it? What is it? Tell us!

Dave: (pulling out gloves) I call 'em High-Five- A-Matrons. What they are gloves with really strong magnets on them,

so when you go high five they stick together. I can't miss!

Shout: Shout-standing!

Twist: Cool.

Rich: (To the viewers) When you put two magnets next to each other, they stick together, like this.

Smitty: Well what are we waiting for? let's give 'em a try.

Quincey: Good idea Smitty.

(All cheering and put magnet gloves on)

Rich: You ready for this historic occasion?

Dave: Let's do it.

Scott: Very ready.

Rich: Okay on three.

(when hears the door knocking)

Marina: Dave, you miss.

Dave: A customer!

Tom and Merrick: A customer!

Rich: But we're stuck together!

Smitty: Yeah, these gloves are too tight.

June: I'll help you out.

Annie and Leo: Us too!

Dave: Well, I'm just gonna go see who this is.

(Dave comes to the door and opens it when a lady walks in with Professor Dull)

Professor Dull: Dave, I found a customer.

Lady: (On the Phone) Yes Snookums, Mommy loves her kitty cat. Now I want you to go play with your ball, and have

a nice kitty cat nap. Bye-bye snookiwukums. (Meow, and put her phone up)

Rich: Uh, welcome to the idea warehouse.

Dave: Do need a situation that's imagination?

Lady: Certainly not. (Walks down) I'm Miss Diana Crump the city planner. yu can call me the Diana.

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