"Seeing Stars" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Imagination Movers.

Plot summaryEdit

Famous movie director Stanley Spillburger needs to find a new actor for his slam-bang action flick, to replace his former actor, who came down with the chickenpox, but he needs help finding out who.


Stanley Spillburger is a famous movie director (having made Scott's favorite movie, Burrow and the Beast) who needs a new actor for his slam-bang blockbuster action film, Finder of the Lost Ducks, after his former one came down with the chickenpox. He, the Movers, and Nina go to the "Movie Room", pay Warehouse Mouse a slice of cheese for tickets, and watch a movie. Afterwards, Stanley says he needs someone strong and brave, and Rich is chosen. But his karate stunts aren't intense enough, so Mr. Spillburger shows him a series of professional karate moves strung together. But the movie is actually a wilderness adventure with grizzly bears, so Smitty shows him his cowboy skills and lassos a chair. But Stanley believes it isn't fast enough, so he lassos the chair himself blindfolded. But the film is also a high-tech gadgetry movie, so Dave portrays a super spy (sucking in his cheeks), and attempts to catch an "enemy agent", Warehouse Mouse, but he (and the rest of the Movers, involving Nina) fail to catch him. Scott also mentions Robin Hood, and after saying "Welcome to Sherwood Forest!", and he ends up an Englishman skilled in archery, the most dangerous English archer. After accidentally missing the target and hitting a couple things on a table, Stanley hits all the darts square in the middle, and makes a bullseye out of the final dart. In the end, the Movers and Nina come up with the perfect actor: Stanley Spillburger himself. Stanley had the skills all along. Mr. Spillburger is satisfied, calling his film "the biggest hit he's ever made." He thanks them all, who applaud heavily as he entrances a second time, and then retrieves his megaphone.


Brad Pittstock, Harrison Fort, and Russell Crowbar are all references to real-life celebrities Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, and Russell Crowe.

Stanley Spillburger may also be a reference to real-life movie director Steven Spielberg.